How plants can make people more mindful

With the rise of technology and the different stressors in life, it’s hard to be mindful or present in the moment and conscious about where you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re feeling. Even the smallest ding from a phone can take you out of this state; quieting your thoughts isn’t as simple as it seems. 

Luckily, raising a houseplant might help in centering yourself, arranging your thoughts, and living in the moment. 

In addition to looking great and having health benefits like purifying the air, plants help you connect with nature and remind you of a place of growth. Here are some ways on how plants can make you more mindful:

Learn from your houseplant and appreciate growth. One thing about plants is that they live in the moment and react to their immediate surroundings. They use the sunlight, water, air, and available resources around them to thrive. Set aside some time to appreciate your plants–look at how they grow and appreciate its texture, color, shape, and how it changes over time. This could help you learn patience, humility, and adapting to your environment. 

Connect with nature. Having plants in your space brings the diversity of nature closer to you. Plants are also a great reminder of different ecosystems on earth which you can recreate by creating a terrarium or a thriving garden. Seeing how plants can adapt to the spaces of your home can make you more aware of how species work together or grow in given circumstances. It also helps you connect with another living thing and give you the satisfaction of being able to create a relationship with it just by fulfilling its basic needs. 

Enjoy doing nothing. Although plants need to be cared for in order to grow, most of the time they would just exist and develop on their own even without your help. This can help you remember that you don’t always have to be doing something to get to where you want to be. Take a step back and enjoy where you are, as compared to where you’ve come from, and find peace in knowing that it’s okay to let things take their own course for a while. 

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