‘Lingayen Integrated Landscape Farming” established in the capital town of Pangasinan

Members of the media and officers of the Provincial Jail were part of the 11th pising (vegetable) harvest Festival. Hundred kilos of different vegetables were already harvested. (Photo by Liezle Basa Inigo)

PANGASINAN—-Not only ornamental plants that  could  bring  beautification, but the idea of putting a vegetable garden in the town plaza has also captured the public’s imagination. The edible garden included different varieties of vegetables such as eggplants, okra, tomatoes, and so on.

Lingayen Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil initiated the “Integrated Landscape Farming” project in Pangasinan’s capital as a way of ensuring food security while attracting tourists.

Pangasinenses  abroad who were able to witness the project’s launch through social media. The garden also got them excited to visit their hometown.

The garden reminded many of the Pangasinenses abroad of their favorite vegetable dish, pinakbet.

Pinakbet, or pakbet, is a popular vegetable dish in the Philippines which originated in the Ilocos region.

Bataoil said the project was conceptualized during the start of the pandemic .

Employees of the LGU started developing the idle space in the Lingayen plaza into a vegetable garden.

“Mga empleado ng plaza administrator ,security personnel ng plaza at munisipyo and of course  with Mayor Bataoil sila ang nanguna na magtanim, LGU employee said..

Since March up to present, different organizations have benefitted from the project, which has laid food on their tables.

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