Five tips to keep your farm safe during the rainy season

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Farming can get challenging during the rainy season. With slippery paths and wet surfaces caused by heavy storms and downpour, it is important to be safe from the dangers that farming and other agricultural jobs might entail. Here are some safety measures to take during the wet season: 


Protect farm equipment from rain

Equipment, especially those that are made from iron, are likely to rust, the same way that wooden equipment can deteriorate when exposed to heavy rain. But the crucial thing to ensure is to fix and keep all electrical farm equipment away from rain and other liquid to avoid any explosion and to prevent electrical hazards.


There are cases that the damage of equipment won’t instantly show after the rainfall, and if you use a machine or a tool that is damaged by water, it could also cause you harm. To prevent accidents, keep any equipment in a safe, dry place. 


Put barriers around open water areas

If there’s any open water source on the farm, make sure to put a fence to protect everyone from falling into it during the rainy season. Spotting lakes or wells would be a challenge for you and your workers during the rainy season and muddy banks can cause one to slip or worse, drown. By putting barriers around open water areas, you could save not only yourself, but also small farm animals.


Secure your farm produce

Keep your crops away from rain, especially the ones that are ready for harvest, as leaving them on soil that is drenched in too much water can have negative effects. Moisture on the farm’s produce can cause microbial growth, which leads to fungus and mould. Consuming these contaminated products can be dangerous to both human and animals’ health. 


Be alert for electric outlets

Water and electricity are a deadly combination, especially in a field. Stay away from electric fences, especially when raining. Put warning signs on any areas with electrical hazards to avert accidents too. Be sure to keep your farm animals away from any live wires. If in any case that there are electrical poles that fall around your farm, it is best to call the authorities to manage the situation. 


Take care of your health

During the rainy season, it is also important to wear suitable clothing, especially in the morning, to avoid catching colds. Wear the right footwear to elude harmful bacteria, pests, and sharp objects. This season also poses threats to everyone’s health as it brings stagnant water that is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Spray insecticides and go to the farm with mosquito nets and repellent. Diseases for livestock are also prevalent during this season, hence, safety precautions like putting the livestock feed away from rain must be taken. 


The wet season presents several hazards and difficulties, especially on the farms. This is why knowing and executing preventive measures are necessary to deter any further mishaps.


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