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Social media keeps everyone connected to everyone else in the world. Even the people whom you cannot personally reach, you can interact with virtually. Proper and effective use of the internet is practical, especially for advertising a business. Through social media presence, it can be a huge contributor in boosting your sales and connections. This will help your business to stay relevant in today’s market. Here are the factors to consider in keeping your online presence stronger:

Make a remarkable content

To connect with your potential clients, share stories about the farm and your products, along with picturesque photos of the farm, the farmers, and other things that will represent the personality of your brand better. Write a caption that will reveal the stories behind the photos that you put online too. Post about your customers’ feedback as a proof of others’ positive experiences with your products or services. This will help the brand to be remembered and considered when people seek for your goods the next time. Add heartfelt stories of the owners, the farmhands, and do not forget to attach excellent photos for a striking online farm tour. Keep your posts memorable and worth-reading.

Connect to your customers

Being on social media doesn’t limit you to connect with people living in the Philippines alone, but even if you grow and process food locally, you can get support from international followers and viewers. Online engagement that involves likes, comments, and shares are important elements in making your posts visible to more individuals nationwide.

Through your presence on the digital platforms, you can disseminate the name of your page or your website to the people you encounter on your farm or at the market. This will keep them updated and informed about the farm and its products. This can also give way for your current and potential customers to inquire about available goods online before visiting your farm to buy their needs. It will save their time, effort, and money.

Your posts that show up on your clients’ feed can also serve as a reminder of your exchange even after weeks have passed. This can make effective advertising where you attract customers based on real relationships or new connections.

Know what to post

As much as it is easy to post anything on your social media, it could also quickly affect your brand’s image so think of suitable content so you won’t break the trust of your buyers. 

Sharing online will also depend on the products or services that you sell. If you manage a dairy farm, customers will love behind-the-scenes of the processing of your dairy products or the story behind the brand’s logo.

Post high-quality photos that tell stories about your business. Share a piece of your heart and show the best angles of your business. To achieve this, you might want to invest in a good camera that will also come in handy for important events. Download editing apps on your phone or devices for modern, trendy filters and designs that will keep your photos in its best form. Keeping one style will also save your time and effort rather than changing filters or layouts in every post.  

To build your followers, frequent posting will help you as you begin. Many businesses post daily or once every two to three days. While established brands usually post once a week. As often as you post, it is more likely for your customers and followers to see and remember your brand.

Show the process of growing or making your products through short videos and snippets, provide tips on how to use or store your goods properly, list possible recipes and ideas for preparing them are some things you can add on your social media. You may add fun facts, daily quotes, or reminders that will keep them engaged and seek for more of your save worthy posts. 

If you’re selling organic veggies, you can provide photos of the veggies from seed to harvest for them to be aware how their food is grown and where it comes from. This way, they’ll photographically remember your products better.


This is a crucial feature in your online presence. These can be seen by millions of people and is an excellent way for people to find and follow you. Use hashtags that are related to your products and business. Think of how you search for things when you find them online. Write creative hashtags in every post. You may also look for popular hashtags online and use them for more exposure.

Balance the use of online platform

The use of social media can lead to toxicity. Hence, make sure to turn it to your advantage instead of risking your health. To attain this, keep a posting schedule according to your brand needs or you can hire a part-time assistant to handle your social media accounts. It will be more fruitful when content comes from you who knows your farm and products better than anyone, but do not forget to balance things out.

To avoid any conflict, follow community guidelines and protect your image by not communicating using an inappropriate tone and language. Be professional in managing your online pages and do not post anything that is not related or beneficial to the brand. Before you post, it is better if you ask others for their feedback. Do not overshare and post accordingly and effectively! 

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