An internet sensation went viral after netizens noticed bananas hanging from the ceiling in her videos

Featured photo from Joyce Glorioso.

By Vina Medenilla

Aside from dancing to songs with a poker face on, Joyce Glorioso, also referred to as Joyang TV, 27, caught the attention of many netizens when she uploaded videos of herself with an unusual prop attached to their ceiling – a bunch of bananas.

She shares, “Before po nung hindi pa po marami yung followers ko on TikTok, lagi na may nakasabit na saging sa kisame namin. My family po kasi ay paborito ang saging at nakakatulong din kasi po ito sa digestion and maraming siyang health benefits. (Before, when I didn’t have many followers on TikTok yet, there has always been a bunch of bananas hanging from our ceiling [to ripen]. This is because my family loves to eat bananas as it can help to improve digestion and provides lots of health benefits, too).”

When her followers observed that there were always bananas in her videos, they started calling her the “banana queen.” Many of them got entertained not only because of her low energy dances, but also because of the things that she uses for entertainment like fruits, banana leaves, and a sack of rice. 

She expresses gratitude to bananas that helped her make a mark on social media. She stated in Tagalog, “I’m really happy that people recognize and associate me with the banana fruit.” For Glorioso, local fruits are essential because it offers not only health benefits, but they also provide business opportunities to many Filipinos.

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Posted by Joyang TV on Thursday, September 3, 2020



Glorioso began creating videos on TikTok with the sole purpose of making people happy amid the crisis. “It all started during ECQ, when my friends suggested that I use the TikTok app because they see me as a funny person,” said the TikToker. She eventually gave in and created her first few videos in their sari-sari store. 

She posts random TikTok trends, dances, and other food-related content. Presently, Glorioso has more than 300 thousand followers on the said app. She added that making funny videos has been part of her daily life since then. Through this, she also found a way to relieve stress while giving joy to others despite the world’s situation.

As a former cook, Glorioso believes that farmers are a huge help in the country’s economy. Through the platform, she also shares some cooking content to show and inspire the viewers how it is vital to consume fruits and vegetables.

Joyce Glorioso, who hails from Quezon, is also called ‘banana queen’ by her followers on TikTok.

Even though her videos are simply to provide entertainment, she hopes that these would urge everyone to support agriculture and our local farmers, too.  

To see more of her videos, visit Joyang TV

Photos courtesy of Joyce Glorioso. 

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