Tips on successfully marketing your farm products online

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Since the pandemic has forced many aspects of life online, selling farm goods on the web is something that entrepreneurs must consider to widen their market reach and to increase their farm’s visibility. There are different approaches in promoting agricultural businesses on the internet: one can either create a website or a page on social media, or just use their personal accounts to sell products and make connections. The services of applications that offer payment and delivery services can also be availed of.

An online presence, especially now, is an effective strategy for old and new businesses, provided that many individuals have more access to the internet. This is an efficient way to amplify your brand to other people.

Website information

On your website, allot pages for your farm’s story and its available products and services. Include eye-catching photos that will support the given details. Do not forget to add an email address or any contact details so potential buyers would know how to reach you. You can also write about the farm happenings and gather them in one section of the website to keep your readers or clients updated.

Making your products accessible

Digital applications, or apps, can be a big help in making things easier from transaction and payment down to shipping your products straight to buyers. Make sure to put products in appropriate containers to avoid spoilage.

For areas that delivery services can’t reach, you can also offer private deliveries so you can meet your buyers directly and offer a cash-on-delivery (COD) payment method. Otherwise, you can also post the products online so customers can place their orders and have an option to pick up the items from the farm during their preferred time. You can also sell your produce in bulk to restaurants, chefs, groceries, and other outlets. In this case, shipping costs may be more reasonable.

Another benefit of having an online presence is that there’s a bigger chance of reaching buyers who might not have known about your products or farm otherwise.

Exclusively selling products on web

There may be rare cases of farm businesses that only sell farm products online, but this could work if the farm is situated in a less populated area or if it needs more public exposure. Farm entrepreneurs can start focusing on establishing the brand online until they are ready to enter the local market. 

Factors to consider in online selling

If you’re thinking of selling crops and value-added products virtually, here’s a list of possible methods to consider:

Website. If you want to save money, but want to sell online, there are free website builders where you can create and design your own. Constructing your own website is a great avenue to creatively showcase the farm to the public.

Online shopping cart. You can have a website feature such as a digital shopping cart where shoppers can simply add and track the items that they buy. You can invest in getting services from web developers for your website as well.

Payment method. Aside from cash, it is also good to offer online payment services that will make the transactions fast and hassle-free.

Contact details. Do not forget to provide contact information where people can talk to you without difficulty. You wouldn’t want them to look for other suppliers instead. Make sure to always keep your lines open and contact details updated, especially if this is where concerns like change of orders and returns will be managed.

Moving things onto new media platforms may be a big adjustment to some, especially to those who have been practicing face-to-face business for years, but upgrading farm services in this way will help your business stay relevant to the current market.  

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