Agri-inputs, farm and fishing equipment turn over by Quezon

Photo from Danny Estacio.

By Danny Estacio

TAGKAWAYAN, Quezon- Governor Danilo Suarez has distributed agricultural and fishing equipment to farmers group of Guinyangan and Tagkawayan towns.

Suarez turned over for various farmers and fishermen organizations, the agricultural inputs and fishing paraphernalia like a knapsack sprayer, multi-tiller, grass cutter, hand tractor, complete fertilizer, cacao seedlings, coconut seedlings, set of copra making tools, fiberglass boats, materials for the fishing cage, tilapia fingerlings, and marine engines.

The said equipment could help and support the livelihood of the farmers while in the midst of coronavirus crisis.

Municipal mayors Cesar Isaac II of Guinayangan, and Luis Oscar Eleazar of Tagkawayan expressed thankful for the support and assistance from the Quezon government and to ALONA Partylist Rep. Anna V. Suarez for providing an additional agri-fisheries input for Tagkawayan town fishermen.

Suarez assured that the provincial government is always ready to deliver the basic support and the necessary help for local farmers of the said towns, despite of the pandemic experienced in the country the provincial government continues its agricultural programs to ensure that the needs of the farmers, in particular.

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