Three benefits of gardening to one’s mental well-being

Many gardeners have been vocal with their own stories about how gardening has helped them de-stress and improve their mental health. Studies have also shown the same effects of plants to humans including high reduction of anxiety levels.

Here are some things that a horticulture and economics expert, Charlie Hall, has revealed about the outcomes of gardening and plants to one’s mental wellbeing.

Greater happiness

Living in houses with green areas is a positive influence to one’s mental health even after three years, said Hall. This goes the same with gardening. He added that being surrounded by nature can have a positive effect on one’s self-esteem.

Immersion in nature also gives emotional, psychological, and social benefits. Division and fragmentation of society is a concern that must be prevented to build stronger communities and human interactions. There may be evidence that nature may help strengthen one’s connection to the community.

Exposure to sunlight while gardening outdoors also allows one to have a higher amount of vitamin D, a synthesizer of serotonin that induces happiness in our brain.

Decreased depression

With the increasing depression rate in the world, it is important to be knowledgeable about how we can slowly cope during tough times. As per Hall, being with nature and plants were used as a therapy for clinical depression in 2018. This includes garden walking and reflective journaling that lowered the depression scores of older adults.

Lesser anxiety and stress attacks

Stress is an emotional tension that may lead to serious illnesses. Enough relaxation to release stress and anxiety must be considered. Activities that keep both mind and hands busy like gardening is a good way to overcome this as it can distract the brain from the stressors.

People in stressful environments and situations tend to get irritable and forgetful. Having plants around can also help improve one’s mood, boost their memory, and have longer attention span. This makes humans be in a more relaxed, stable state, said Hall.

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