Increase the chance of success of your gardening business by following these tips

By: Ellaine Kryss Hubilla


Starting your own business can be a risk of money, time, and effort. Some may succeed and some may fail during their initial trials. Fortunately, there are ways that can improve the success chance of your business.

According to Tetchie Palaganas, popularly known as Nanay Tetchie, owner of 307 Garden, “There’s no age limit when starting a business. I started with my gardening business in my 50’s,” she explained. 

“A small backyard is enough to start a gardening business and this is the best business for those who want additional income, it does not need a big capital,” she shared, adding that that regardless of how small or big, you just need to take a bold attempt to start one.

Here are some basic business tips from Tetchie Palaganas on how you can make your gardening business successful.

Love your products

For Palaganas, it is important that you value your products. Particularly for plants, treat them as part of your family and talk to them as if they are humans. Also, treat your customers as an extension of your family. In this case, it will be easier for you to market your products.

Landscape your entrance 

If you have a physical garden that is open to the public, aside from just selling plants, it is important to spend some time beautifying the entrance of your garden. This way, you will attract more customers, even people who just pass by.

Choose a focal point

Choosing a focal point for your garden is like building the image of your brand. The focal point must represent the values of your business that you want to embody. For 307 Garden, the focal points are the Kokedama art creation of Tetchie Palaganas and the pots she uses, which are  made by local artists.

Value your products

Value your products to the point that if you need to price them higher than others, then do so. Design garden displays and landscape them in such a way that customers will envision them as plants in their own homes.

Create social media accounts

One of the reasons why 307 Garden is popular is because of its social media accounts. Tetchie Palaganas is keeping them active as she shares photos of her plants and other gardening activities. It is also important to post photos of your plants which are visually appealing to the public. These photos can be achieved through editing or some photography techniques.

For more information, visit the 307 Garden.

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