Three tips on making a brand stand out

In a world filled with distractions, having an excellent product isn’t always enough. You also need unique branding to help your product stand out. Erica Larkins, Bleeding Heart Rum Company’s Brand Manager for Asia offers three tips:

1. Be genuine. “You just really have to be genuine in your intentions and how you want your product to be received by the market,” Larkins says. “Our owners and partners are very passionate about this brand. It’s really their passion. With passion comes great products.”

2. Be consistent. “The consistency of the product [is important],” Larkins says. Customers will be expecting the same taste and experience each time, and it’s the manufacturer’s job to make sure that they get it.

3. Be exciting. Keep customers guessing what you’re going to come up with next. “[We try to excite] our consumers with different products. That’s why we have different expressions,” Larkins says. “We’d love to be able to excite our consumers more by creating more expressions.”

This appeared as a sideline in Agriculture Monthly’s April 2020 issue.

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