Tanay LGU distributes free seedlings to encourage residents grow own food

Photo by Daniel Öberg on Unsplash.

By Nel B. Andrade

TANAY, Rizal- Aside from distributing ready to prepare food packs as assistance to residents, more and more local government units in the province are also distributing vegetable seedlings to their constituents as part of advocating food sustainability in their respective localities.

The latest to go into seedlings distribution is the Tanay Municipal Government, which encourages residents to plant vegetables in their own yard as one of the means of food sufficiency during this pandemic situation.

This after free vegetable seeds are available for all the residents of this town who are interested to plant and propagate the greens in their premises, courtesy of the local government unit here.

Available on a first-come-first serve basis at the duty guard at the Tanay Park near the outpost in this town are the seedlings of cabbage, mustard, okra, and upo.

Aside from Tanay, the town of Pililla, has long been advocating vegetable growing among its residents even prior to the implementation of the quarantine in the municipality.

The agriculture office of the municipality has been making the rounds of residents who were earlier given free seeds courtesy of the Department of Agriculture to check on how the beneficiaries of the vegetable seeds distribution program of the government have managed their vegetable farming.

In Teresa, two public school teachers, Donna Mae Tabor and Jennie Domagas are among the local residents who are advocating vegetable gardening in their locality as their contribution to the Plant, Plant, Plant program of the Department of Agriculture to achieve local food security through the edible plants that they propagate.

In Angono, free seeds and seedlings are also available for residents who would like to go into vegetable gardening.

For more information, visit the Department of Agriculture.

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