Beat the heat with these indoors plants!

Living in a tropical country has its pros and cons. Although many can enjoy the beach at almost any given day, the sweltering heat could drench anyone in sweat and leave them unable to carry out for the rest of the day. 

Fortunately, indoor plants have another feature than just purifying the air around them–they can also keep a room cool! Here are some plants that can weather down the temperature when things get a little too hot: 

  1. Aloe vera –  As a succulent, aloe vera stores water in its leaves and then releases cool moisture into the air as it moves through the plant. It is also known to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night.

  2. Areca palm – The areca palm is known as a natural humidifier that also purifies the air. It can get rid of benzene and trichloroethylene in the air while giving off evaporated moisture that can help cool a space.

  3. Weeping fig – Weeping figs commonly thrive in containers and can reach a height of two to three meters when well-cared for. Because it has a lot of leaves, it has a higher rate of transpiration, or water passing through its leaves and its evaporation from its aerial parts, that could result in cool and moist air.

  4. Peace lily – Experts from NASA and other top-notch universities noted that this beautiful plant can reduce toxins in the air. Homeowners can expect a higher amount of moisture and oxygen from the plant.
  5. Spider plant – A common houseplant that many people are familiar with is the spider plant. Not only does it purify the air and rids it of harmful toxins, it can also help keep the air cool. Just remember to keep it in a semi-shaded spot and make sure that it’s regularly watered during hotter days. 

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