Wife sells her husband’s vegetable harvests by riding a motorcycle around the barrio

By: Ellaine Kryss Hubilla


The implementation of the enhanced community quarantine limits the transport of goods inside and outside of Metro Manila. Due to this, various vegetable sellers have resorted to their own strategies on how to sell their products.

Alma Fe Pascua posted on her Facebook account a photo of her riding a motorcycle to sell her husband’s harvest. She wrote in Tagalog: During this crisis, transporting our products becomes a challenge, that is why I roam around the barrio to sell my husband’s harvest. She ended the post with a hashtag says “Tanim ni Mister, Benta ni Misis.” (What Mr. plants, Mrs. sells.)

Alma Fe Pascua’s Facebook post about their family’s “rolling” livelihood. Photo was taken from Alma Fe Pascua’s Facebook account.

According to Pascua, “rolling” or the process of selling products through motorcycles, is their family’s livelihood. The vegetable and fruit harvests of her husband Gildebrando are the products she will be selling around Simimbaan, their neighborhood. Rolling provides convenience to its customers because they can avail vegetable goods right in front of their homes. That said, Pascua is selling her products at a higher yet justifiable price as compensation for other expenses like gasoline.

Pascua on a motorcycle with a cart that contains fruits and vegetables that she sells in her neighborhood. (Photo courtesy of Alma Fe Pascua)

Pascua shared that they started this business by planting taro on their 0.5-hectare piece of land. It started small until it became successful. Aside from vegetables that she is selling, they now have fruit-bearing trees like avocado, coconut, cotton fruit, mango, jackfruit, guyabano (soursop), cacao, and others.

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