Farm fresh pineapple from Camarines Norte available through online orders

By: Ellaine Kryss Hubilla


The COVID-19 pandemic may have caused a lot of struggles, however, it brought back the “bayanihan” spirit of the Filipino people. One example of this is Mayani, an E-commerce website whose goal is “to connect local farmers and buyers in a unified platform.”

A few days from now, farmers from Camarines Norte will be harvesting thousands of pineapples. However, due to the extended enhance community quarantine (ECQ), it is still hard for them to transport their goods. This may result in profit loss for the farmers and their products will be wasted if not bought in their best condition.

With the help of Mayani, farmers were given a chance to sell their products and earn from it despite the strict implementation of the community quarantine. The Mayani E-commerce website offers the pineapples at P65 for the big ones and P35 for the smaller ones. They also offer a promo of Buy 3, Take 1 for big size which retails at P195 and Buy 5, Take 1 for small size which retails for P175.

It only takes one click to get your way to these fresh farm produce and help local farmers. Those who are interested can order directly from the website of Mayani and orders will be delivered to your designated address.

As Mayani helps pineapple farmers, the company is also asking for some help from people; by disseminating this information to other concerned agencies and organizations that help in feeding frontliners, also to local governments and village partners that need healthy food supplies as part of their relief assistance, local farmers will be saved for possible profit loss.


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