Urban gardening: How to plant fast-growing vegetables in less than 10-minutes

By Vina Medenilla

Having no space or garden at home does not mean one cannot grow vegetables at all. Growing vegetables at the comfort of your home is beneficial not just for the body, as it can supply you and your family with nutritious produce, but it can also be advantageous to your mental health because it can reduce stress and anxiety amid any crisis.

When planting vegetables, remember that there are two types of seeds: the seeds you can plant directly on the ground like Kangkong and the seeds that you cannot plant directly on the ground like tomato or other fruiting vegetables. 

In a video, AGREA Philippines President Cherrie Atilano shared how we can plant fast-growing vegetables in a pot in less than 10 minutes. 


You will need a pot, soil mixture, seeds, and water


Some fast-growing vegetables are upland kangkong, pechay, and herbs like coriander and Thai basil. 

According to Atilano, if you are replanting crops, you must choose seeds that are open-pollinated, or non-hybrid, which means you can plant them again and still have plants with the same characteristics as the parent plant with the same quality of produce. If seeds come from hybrid plants (which are not open-pollinated), they cannot produce crops with the same quality as their parent plant. 

Prepare the materials that you will be needing. The soil must have a combination of organic composts as fertilizer, coco coir dust, and a bit of gravel to create good soil consistency. 

Once prepared, create three equidistant lines in the soil for you to determine where you will be harvesting if your plants successfully grow. Spread the seeds on the soil following the three lines you created. Cover the seeds with a bit of soil and water them. Make sure you give it enough sunlight, water, air, and nutrients for its proper growth and development. After 30 days, the kangkong will now be ready for harvest. 

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