Degree in Marijuana will soon be offered in a university

The state of Colorado in the US was one of the first states to legalize cannabis for non-medicinal purposes in 2012. In 2014, the state allowed people aged 21 and above to use cannabis. In 2019, billions of dollars have been spent on cannabis products since it was legalized and the figure continues to hold.

And as the cannabis industry grows in the US, the Colorado State University-Pueblo will be offering an undergraduate course called “Cannabis, Biology, and Chemistry” for students who want to study science in relation to the cannabis industry. This program is said to be similar to a double major in biology and chemistry. 

It will involve the study of genetics for cannabis and other plants, as well as courses in neurobiology, biochemistry, genetics, and analytical chemistry. The university features a lab licensed to grow industrial hemp that will allow students to work with cannabidiol (CBD) from the plants. Alongside this new degree is a new research center set to study the chemical compounds in hemp. 

The College of Science and Mathematics dean said that hemp and marijuana have been leading in a lot of sectors in their country. He said that they are not taking sides on the usage of cannabis, but they are after studying the science behind it and training the interested students about it.

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