COVID-19 food drive for marginalized communities also supports restaurants and local farmers

By Vina Medenilla

Since enhanced community quarantine has been implemented in Luzon, some members of the workforce have been having a hard time providing for their daily needs.

A group named COVID-19 Food Drive PH is helping fill this gap.

COVID-19 Food Drive PH is a short-term food drive that aims to alleviate hunger in marginalized communities by raising funds and partnering with restaurants who are willing to cook meals for the chosen barangays. 

Under a campaign called “Adopt a Barangay,” the team raises funds to purchase food from partner restaurants at a price of 500 Pesos per meal pack good for 10 persons. 

The group of people behind this have been doing relief operations for 10 years already, starting during typhoon Ondoy. They have been able to distribute 12,000 meals to various communities so far. 

The campaign supports foodservice workers and small business owners who are struggling to sustain their business during this time. They have 10 restaurants under what they call “Restaurants to the Rescue” that help in cooking the meals. 

These restaurants have partner farmers whom they pay a fair price for their meat and produce. One farmer from Cavite recently donated 700kg of lettuce, which was distributed to the partner restaurants.

[Graphic: COVID-19 Food Drive PH calls for food, cash donations, and partner restaurants]

Meal preparation

COVID-19 Food Drive PH ensures the food given to the communities is healthy and nutritious. In establishing their menu, they worked with partner restaurants to ensure that each meal pack will include one kilogram of uncooked rice, one viand composed of meat and vegetables good for 10 servings, a pack of Nutribuns, and some canned goods enough for one family. As much as possible, they limit instant noodles and canned goods but when they get some from donations, they create something out of it or add more vegetables to the meal.

 In food preparation, they impose strict standards and make sure that there are no food allergens, no seafood, no dairy, no spicy food, and no coconut ingredients. They also check that every item is properly cooled before packing in the container. They do site inspections during the preparations of food in the restaurants to ensure that all food handling is safe and sanitary.    


They work with the team headed by Captain Sharon Reyes of the Philippine Army Reserve in choosing the barangays and in distributing the meals in these areas. They do door-to-door distribution in each barangay and are given clearance for all checkpoints.

How to donate

For cash donations, you may send it via online bank transfer to this account:


Account name: Colene Blanche Yeo Tan

Account number: 109485073463


For international donors, you can donate without tax to this link:

You may also help by liking and sharing their Facebook page at Covid19 Food Drive PH.

Graphic from Covid19 Food Drive PH.

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