#SupportFarmersPH movement helps farmers transport their goods to Metro Manila

By Vina Medenilla

Farmers have been severely affected by the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) that has been imposed to halt the spread of COVID-19.

 Local farmers have been suffering from transportation restrictions, low prices of produce, and oversupply of their goods. 

Tagani Philippines, a social enterprise that empowers Filipino farmers through digital technology, created a #SupportFarmersPH movement to help farmers who are affected by the ECQ in transporting their goods from their farms around Luzon to Metro Manila.

Here’s how can you take part:

There are three ways that you can help to support our farmers, you can donate, volunteer, and partner. Just go to this link:

Cash donations can be sent through:

Potential volunteers can join the #SupportFarmersPH Viber group:

To become a partner, message Tagani PH on Facebook.

Three way to #SupportFarmersPH, you can donate, volunteer and partner.

This initiative will help provide the beneficiary farmers free access to trucking services, cold storage, farm equipment, and business training.

Donations will help provide the beneficiary farmers have access to trucking and storage, digitized equipment, and business training.

The goal is to transform 100 small-hold Filipino farms into resilient, sustainable, and digitally-connected farms. Hence, help from the public is needed.

The goal is to transform 100 small hold Filipino farms into resilient, sustainable, and digitally-connected farms.

You may also help by spreading the news and by using the hashtag #SupportFarmersPH to reach more people in social media.

Spread the news and help our farmers connect with the buyers in Metro Manila.

Let’s help our local farmers rise amid the crisis. #SupportFarmersPH

Graphics from Tagani Philippines

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