Online Palengke allows you to help farmers while having fresh produce delivered to your doorstep

By John Legaspi

A lot has been affected by the spread of Covid-19. Brave health workers put their lives at risk on the frontlines. Under quarantine, people who depend on daily wages have to weigh their livelihood against their lives. It is not an easy choice to make.

Among those in search for help are the farmers. In recent reports, Cordillera farmers are disposing of their vegetables due to the lack of buyers as a result of the Luzon-wide quarantine. In a statement, Agriculture Secretary William Dar says, “The best way to sustain stable prices of agriculture and fishery commodities and food products is to have a continuous and unhampered movement of such goods from origin to the markets much more in Metro Manila than other metropolises.”

Help our farmers by buying their produce via Agribusiness’ Online Palengke

To address the issue, Agribusiness’ Online Palengke helps farmers earn a living while delivering fresh produce to consumers’ doorsteps. The e-commerce market offers Class A products at low prices with no booking fee or minimum purchase required. People can buy fruits and vegetables in kilos and wholesale as well as homemade products such as chili flakes and premium cacao from Bicol.

Vegetables and other produce from local farmers can now be delivered door-to-door

“First we inspired with stories of success, then we shared know-how via training and instructional videos,” says Agribusiness. “Now, we are providing the market so farmers can succeed.”

Order through its website and check out Online Palengke’s Facebook page for updates. 

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First published in Manila Bulletin’s Lifestyle Section

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    1. How to be a partner of Agribusiness’Online Palengke? I’ll leave my email below hoping the author of the article will notice, I’m a young mushroom farmer. Thank you.

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