Food to feast on while on community quarantine

For most people who are quarantined at home at this time of global pandemic, one of the
better ways to enrich ourselves is to feast on immune boosting food rather than hoarding on alcohol, toilet paper, masks, and what have yous. More than helping ourselves, we are also helping our health workers (who are considered our modern day heroes) avail for themselves these kinds of necessities being at the frontline of battling COVID-19 virus.

According to Healthline, here are some of the immune system boosters that we
should be buying in bulk from grocery and convenience stores, enough to prevent our
household from colds and flu:

1. Citrus fruits. Now that ascorbic acid is almost out of stock in most pharmacies locally, one of the best alternatives to turn to is vitamin C-enriched fruit to avoid cold. It does not only build up one’s immune system, it also increases the production of white blood cells, which fights infections. Popular citrus fruits include pomelo, oranges, lemons, limes or calamansi.

2. Red bell peppers. Red bell peppers contain double the amount of vitamin C as citrus fruits. They are also rich with beta carotene which helps keep our eyes and skin healthy.

3. Garlic. As it is, garlic is used in almost every Filipino cuisine. More than adding a zing to food, it is also good at fighting infections. It also aids in lowering blood pressure and slows down hardening of the arteries.

4. Ginger. Remember how our elderly always prods us to consume ginger whenever we have a cold? Ginger helps decrease inflammation, which reduces sore throat and other inflammatory-related illnesses; it also helps decrease nausea.

5. Turmeric. Turmeric is used as a key ingredient in curries. It has also been used for years as an anti-inflammatory in treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Although there are other ways to prevent flu (which is of utmost importance during these times), investing on food (rather on non-essentials) which are meant to boost the immune system will do good for our pockets more than harm.

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