She teaches Mandarin and leisure farming

Tammy Chien, an enterprising lady from Yilan County in Taiwan, has developed a special market for her talent. She founded in 2014 her company called Taiwan Learning Trip Ltd.

Her special offering is teaching clients to speak Mandarin and at the same time immersing them in leisure farming activities so they develop consciousness on the importance of protecting the environment. Among her recent enrollees were Muslim students from Malaysia and Singapore. They stayed in Taiwan for two to three weeks.

Tammy also conducts lectures on agritourism and leisure farming in universities. Before putting up her own company, she used to manage a leisure farm that focused on rice, pomelo, mushrooms, and culinary. In that leisure farm, children accompanied by their parents had hands-on activities that included filling mushroom fruiting bags and cooking their own lunch in the kitchen of the leisure farm.

Tammy Chien can be contacted thru her email: [email protected] or at +886-921-832281.

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s May 2019 issue. 

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