East-West Seed’s strategy makes home gardening easy

East-West Seed has come up with a new strategy that will make home gardening easy and convenient. This is through its Farm Ready Store, the first one of which was launched at the SM Clark in Pampanga. Henk Hermans, East-West Seed Philippines general manager, lead the launching.

The East-West Farm Ready store is located at SM Clark’s Garden Park at the front east side of the mall. Customers will have easy access to East-west Seed products that include ready-to-plant seedlings, plants in different stages of development, seeds and sterilized soil for growing media. The customers will include urban gardeners, smallholder farmers, backyard growers, households, and the community in general.

Ric M. Reyes, East-West’s Marketing and Strategy consultant, said that the Farm Ready Store concept is one of the company’s strategic moves to promote vegetable growing and eating by providing easy access to quality vegetable seedlings that are ready to plant, and plants in different stages of growth up to harvestable stage.

Heavily fruiting chilli for sale at the Farm Ready Store.

Aside from vegetables, culinary herbs and a wide range of flowering plants and ornamentals to implement its objective of feeding both body and soul are also available. As per Simon N. Groot, East-West Seed founder, “vegetables are food for the body while flowers are food for the soul.” The flowering plants include Begonia, Vinca that come in numerous colors like polka dot, apricot, red with eye, burgundy, orange with eye, red, rose, pink white, and violet. Also coming in different colors are Dianthus Chiba and Petunia Success.

Among the full-grown plants that customers can buy are heavily fruiting finger pepper, chilli pepper, tomato, eggplant, and others. The culinary herbs include rosemary, lavender, basil, oregano, and others.

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This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s April 2019 issue. 

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