ATI launches two books that showcase Philippine native plants and Region IV-A’s farm tourism sites

By Rica Anne D. Victoriano

The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), in their continuous exploration of strategies to support the local agricultural industry recently launched two new publications promoting Philippine native plants and farm tourism areas through its Regional Training Center (RTC) in Region IV-A, CALABARZON.

Sariling Atin

Sariling Atin was made possible through partnership with MoCa Family Farm RLearning Center Inc., one of ATI’s private extension service providers.

Sariling Atin features 25 plants that are native to the Philippines along with their photos and general descriptions. It also highlights the economic uses, as well as the culinary, medicine, and landscaping potential of each plant. Tips on propagating these native plants are also provided in the book.

One of the plants featured is the almasiga (Agathis philippinensis), whose resin is widely used in manufacturing textile paint, pesticides, and polishing materials.

Because of urbanization, the interest in native plants have declined as consumers have been opting for what is more productive and would result in a much higher yield. This book’s goal is geared towards reintroducing these native plants to the consumers by showcasing their richness, diversity, and sustainability.

Agriculturally Awesome

The second book, called Agriculturally Awesome: A Regional Farm Tourism Travel Guide, features the Department of Tourism (DOT) accredited farm sites, updated  ATI CALABARZON certified learning sites, schools for practical agriculture, agri-related festivals, and delicacies in Region IV-A.

It also serves as a travel guide that contains different farm tourism sites in the region such as Kaharian Farms, Forest Wood Garden, Costales farms, and more.

It aims to promote the beautiful fusion of agriculture and tourism through agri-tourism in the Philippines, specifically in CALABARZON, as they see it as an opportunity for local communities’ connection with agriculture to grow better. 

Both Sariling Atin and Agriculturally Awesome serve as eye-openers for everyone to reignite their appreciation for what our own country has to offer.

Interested parties can contact the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) for copies.

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Rica Anne Victoriano
Rica Victoriano was Agriculture Monthly’s content producer. She graduated from Adamson University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and aspires to write a book someday. She has a fascination for scented candles, dried flowers, and anything therapeutic. She is a total homebody and casually does gaming on the side too.

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