Tinola lovers unite: Sayote farmers need your help

Farmers from Benguet province are currently experiencing an over supply in sayote—a staple ingredient for the Filipino dish: tinola, and they need help.

Tagani (@TaganiPH) posted on Twitter that sayote farmers in Benguet still have an unbought supply from their previous harvest and are still looking forward to reap “tons of sayote” from their fields.

TaganiPH posted on their social media that farmers from Benguet province are experiencing an oversupply of sayote and needs help., derived from the Filipino word “tag-ani” meaning harvest time, is a digital agribusiness incubation platform that empowers agribusiness entrepreneurs through e-learning, e-farming, e-mentoring, and e-commerce.

Middlemen are buying sayote from the province at a lowly price of 2 pesos per kilo. However, Tagani urged possible buyers to buy at 180 pesos per 10 kilos.

Netizens from different parts of the country are open to buy the produce. 

Netizens from different parts of the country are open to buying sayote from the sayote farmers.

Interested buyers may contact The Murang Gulay Shop (TMGS) at 09059691837.

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