Plants, like humans, may have different musical preferences

Playing music to serenade your plants seems like an unusual thing to do, but various studies suggest that doing so can help accelerate your plant’s growth.

Dr. T.C Singh from Annamalai University in India experimented with the effects of classical music on balsam plants and he found out that the growth rate of the plant went up by 20% in height with greater growth in biomass.

Aside from growth, it was also seen that seeds that were exposed to music have produced plants that have abundant and bigger leaves. Some similar studies conducted have resulted in an increase in yield as well.

However, similar to how people have different music preferences from one another, not all kinds of music enabled faster and better growth for plants. Dorothy Retallack’s study from 1970 found out that plants that were exposed to rock music resulted in abnormal vertical growth and smaller leaves.

Despite these claims, numerous researchers still consider this as a myth because it has not been scientifically proven that music has the ability to affect plants.  External factors such as light, wind, water, and soil composition are often pointed out to be the ones responsible for the positive results.

Regardless if true or not, there are numerous and proven ways that can help deliver great outcomes for our plants; similar to what experts say, as long as plants receive top-level care and maintenance, they will thrive.

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