Plants are negatively affected by bullying, too

Bullying is often referred to as an abuse of one’s human rights, but this retail company in Emirates went beyond the box and conducted a bullying experiment not on humans−but plants in order to find out how vicious words can be destructive in general.

The experiment was set in a school setting where two identical plants were installed and put under observation in a span of a month. The whole duration of the experiment, voice recordings of the students’ encouragement and insults were transmitted via speakers that were enclosed along with each plant.

After a month, the results showed that the plant that was fed with good remarks stayed healthy while the one showered with insults has become visibly struggling despite being maintained with the same amount of light, water, and fertilizer. 

Although many doubt the authenticity of the experiment as it is seen to be tainted with marketing tactics, it is known by many through numerous studies that plants are indeed responsive to sounds, but not exactly vulnerable to words.

But after all, displaying kindness would not cost us anything so why not do it as much as we can regardless of who… or what the receiving end is?

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