Gardening in limited spaces

Living in the city, with its limited amount of space, should not be a reason to not have your own garden. With some creativity and resourcefulness, it is possible to grow vegetables in a small area.

Utilize a vertical vegetable garden or plants on shelves, baskets, and racks in balconies, terraces, or window sills. They take up less space yet plants can get sunlight, ventilation, and water. It is also possible to stack pots on top of each other to form a vertical appearance. Hanging plant baskets from the ceiling or wall can also be done as plants will still thrive from on high, plus it adds aesthetic to your space. Just remember to pay more attention when watering them as they can be more prone to drying out.

Research on vegetables that you like, are easy to maintain, and can survive in the place where you plan to cultivate a vertical garden. Green leafy vegetables like lettuce and cabbage can grow well even if they are in cool, shady places. Meanwhile, having a  place that the sun can easily access means a wider variety of vegetables like tomatoes and so on.

Recycle old ice cream tubs, buckets, or any old plastic containers that are deep enough to accommodate your vegetables and remember to poke holes into it for drainage.

There is no specific way of gardening. Plants adapt to their environment and so do you.  Hence gardening can still be done even in the most constraining circumstances. 

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