World’s most important bee-ing at risk

The only thing more painful than a bee’s sting is if bees were to go extinct. 

International debaters have concluded that the most important creatures in the world are bees. Recent studies has shown that bee population in the world has started to decrease and might be on the road to extinction. But why are bees the most important creature in the world? 

Thanks to their work, animals and humans have food. 70% of agriculture throughout the world depends on these insects. To put it clearly, less bees means less plants and thus, less food.

In addition to their significant contribution in the field of agriculture, their honey also helps in the field of medicine as it is beneficial to our health and skin.

The disappearance of bees can be attributed to the fast-paced evolution of technology. The combination of waves emitted by mobile phones and continuous use of harmful pesticides to crops makes these insects vulnerable.

Since the main source of food of bees are plants, people working in agriculture must cease using harmful and toxic pesticides and start following organic practices as an alternative. Using natural pesticides will still scare insects away but at the very least it may not kill them.

We can help solve the problem and it needs to start now. It may be hard to veer away from traditions and practices that we are used to do, but it is harder if a major propagator of food disappears forever.

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