Attract insects to help boost your garden

Mention insects to a gardener and the first thing that will come to mind for most people are harmful bugs which may decrease yields, blemish produce, and even carry or transfer plant diseases. But what a lot of people forget is that the presence of the right kind of insects means a healthy and thriving garden.

Take note of these recommendations to invite insects to help your garden grow:

Familiarize oneself with the numerous beneficial insects out there. Butterflies and bees are examples of bugs which are responsible for the reproduction of plants. They can aid people growing food crops in gardens or small plots of land.

In horticultural settings, surround your crops an array of native and flowering plants. This will invite various insects and provide them food and habitat. 

Implement Integrated Pest Management, using the method to gently drive pests away from the garden by removing the factors that help them thrive or by exposing them to plant-safe predators.

When using pesticides, choose a product which will target the pest specifically present in the garden or orchard. For example, biological pesticides often target a specific insect or group of insects. Refrain from giving treatment to plants that are in bloom and when pollinators and other helpful bugs are around. 

Ultimately, remember to properly nourish your plants with the right amount of nutrients, water, air circulation, and sunlight. Obviously, healthy plants attract friendly insects and consequently are less exposed to damage from harmful insects, pests, and disease.

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