Why coffee grounds can be harmful for your garden

Learning how to garden nowadays is easier than ever. The internet offers a lot of information to help make gardening more convenient. However, always verify information found online as some tips may do more harm than help.

Some gardening blogs talk about the benefits of using coffee grounds to improve the state of your garden. Experienced green thumbs warn about using coffee grounds in cultivating your garden as it is acidic, contains high amounts of nitrogen, and more importantly caffeine.

Before thinking about recycling coffee grounds, research on alternatives and look into possible consequences of such an action. Biologists state that caffeine component was developed by the coffee plant for competition purposes, thus it can the plants that surround it. 

People love trying out the latest hacks, and gardeners are no exception. When it comes to coffee grounds, however, just dispose of your used coffee grounds after you have made your morning brew. 

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