You can now fly with aircrafts fueled by plants

Feeling guilty of causing too much greenhouse gases by riding the plane? Regret no more! Several airline companies in the United States and South Africa are now using biofuels to power their planes and jets. Around two to four per cent of carbon dioxide emissions in the environment come from airplanes, and the number of people flying is predicted to increase in the future, that is why fuel alternatives are on their way.

Biofuel technologies such as industrial machines, enzymes, and other related equipment are being developed to imitate the natural processes of breaking down molecules to hydrocarbons. Companies are aiming to make use of wood residue from timbers, as well as using non-edible feedstocks like microalgae and jatropha. The former might also avoid fire hazards and will make way to planting of new trees.

But the problem being considered is the logistics – transporting these from farms and forests to factories would make the fuel more expensive and less competitive than the conventional fuel. Though it could mean additional cost on airline fares, imagine the change that every airline may contribute if they all switch to biofuels! Using at least 30% of biofuel mix may help in decreasing half of the greenhouse gas emissions that aircraft produce.

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