Here’s how to care for your plants even if you’re away!

Planning to go out-of-town after a long week at work, or wanting to go overseas? Here are some tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy when you go for such a vacation!

Ask someone to take care of them. Whether it be a family member or a friend, asking someone to take care of your plants for one or two days wouldn’t be so hard a favor; but if being away for a longer period of time, ask a fellow green thumb to ensure the health of your plants. Don’t forget to leave some notes for specific caring that your plants need.

Planning ahead while taking note of the weather. Know where the sun strikes the most and where it is ideal to leave your plant while you are not at home. Placing your plants on damp newspaper may also help in keeping the soil moist. Avoid overwatering them because that’s as much as harmful as underwatering your plants.

Move your plants to an area without direct sunlight. As much as plants want to have sunlight, exposing them to direct sun without watering them before you leave may cause them to wilt. It would be wise to move them to a dimmer position for a while.

Recreate natural conditions. There would be no problem for your cacti and succulents since they can survive even for weeks without watering, however, tropical plants such as epiphytes and ferns couldn’t live otherwise. Putting your pot above a dish filled with water and pebbles may provide humidity which will help in reducing your plant’s chances of drying out.

Try investing in some gadgets. It’s 2019 and there are technological innovations available such as ‘water bulbs,’ which slowly drip water on your plants’ soil, and ‘hydrospikes,’ which allow your plants to suck up the water it needs. But for a cheaper method, you can put a damp piece of cloth in the soil while the other end is dipped in a glass of water. For bigger plants, put wet newspaper under your pot with holes for the plant to suck up water in case it’s thirsty.

So, do your precious plants at home still holding you back to fly and have a break for yourself? Fret not and just be sure to follow these tips before leaving them at home!

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