Using edible rice straw is one step into saving the Earth

Ditching plastic straws could be one of the simplest ways one can help lessen the everyday plastic consumption.

A company in Malaysia, the Mistraws Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, made a new invention, the edible rice straws, to solve plastic wastage and save Mother Earth.

Aside from being edible (made of rice and tapioca), these edible rice straws (called “mistraws”), can lasts up to 4 to 6 hours in cold drinks, and can withstand up to 3 hours in hot drinks while maintaining its shape and strength. These straws are fully biodegradable – it decomposes within 100 days as compared to plastic straws, which could take 500 years to decay. Not to mention the hygienic issue that comes from using reusable metal, bamboo, and other plant-based straws, mistraws doesn’t alter the flavor or taste of drinks unlike paper straws.

Presently, Mistraws Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is looking for distributors across Malaysia and Singapore to widen its product reach. It is not too late to help in the green revolution and ditch those plastic straws. If everyone could do a thing or two to save Mother Earth, it could spell a big difference. And that difference should start NOW!

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