Do you think Agriculture should be included in school curricula?

One of the most important fields, yet one of the most neglected, is agriculture. More and more people in the urban areas, particularly the youth, are ignorant as to where the food that they eat comes from. The non-deliberate ignorance about agriculture can lead to the lack of support from people, which is somewhat alarming. That is why Agriculture is suggested to be included in the schools’ curricula.

Although said inclusion could mean additional expenses to the students’ school budget, its benefits, however, of providing them with valuable agricultural knowledge is hard to outweigh, especially from exposure trips in farms. Introducing agriculture to students could be a way to encourage them to pursue a path in agriculture. Although it is not expected for students to graduate with an in-depth knowledge about farming, having a background on where the food that they consume is coming from could be helpful.

Preparing today’s youth and the next generation with proper education and exposure is important for a sustainable agriculture.

So, do you think Agriculture should be included in today’s school curricula? I guess your answer would be as good as mine.

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    1. Yes should be added with practical exams in school curriculum with internal marks for kids .Then only our children will learn and think about farming and technologies related to it . And which may make each citizens to involve in producing their own food from their own houses which may help gradually against the challenging alarming food scarcity .

    2. Yes! I fully agree so that the students will learn how to produce food even only for family consumption

    3. I absolutely agree to it.We need such kind of curricula so that everyone has a knowledge and skills especially to the students on how to produce food and farming system.We are aware that we are an AGRICULTURAL country and we should deal with it.

      1. i’ve been thinking the same thing! School curricula should mirror solutions on what ails a specific society. And right now in PH, what we need is tremendous boost to agriculture.

    4. Absolutely!!

    5. Yes it should be

    6. Yes I must be. Hope it’s done soon.
      To begin with, the child should put in his house a kitchen garden.

    7. Today’s children and most of their parents know nothing about agriculture, yet their lives depend upon it. Agriculture is a huge topic. I believe students should have some instruction in agriculture in most grade levels. They should learn practical skills foremost. In high school, some understanding of the business of agriculture should be added.

      Many schools have land around them that can be used for gardens. In cities, land in parks or unused lots could be designated.

      So important: this instruction should be FUN and the activities cooperative. And they should get to eat what they grow and/or take home fresh cut bouquets for the family table.

    8. Yes I do
      I was FFA member for 4 years, held several offices as secretary and Treasurer. I feel that yes kids need to be involved, helps with respect to others. Farming, judging,also gives them a little reality clean tobacco free well respected.

    9. My son is in grade 10 and he takes an agriculture course, it may not be the most practical but he is learning the fundamentals. We live on a farm and he already has knowledge about agriculture, but I do agree that there are a lot of children and adults have no idea where their food comes from.

    10. Yes. My dad was a County Agent in Lake and Sarasota Counties for over 40 years. He began as an agriculture teacher in Chipley. We had an agriculture teacher at Sarasota High.

    11. If Organic and natural methods that are harmonious for a healthy planet, of growing are taught, then yes absolutely … it is absolutely essential, and should have been an integral part of the curriculum all along.

      However if big corporate ag with it’s gmo’s and roundups and mono crops are being promoted, I offer a big No to that.

    12. A big YES ! But the first thing to teach the pupils or students is how to plant the food they like to eat. Agriculture is also better understood by hands-on experience in planting rather than memorizing theories. Agriculture is not just physical planting but experiencing and understanding of Soil, Sun, water, plants and the personal care.

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