Gardening 101: Starting a home garden

Thinking of having your own home garden? Here are some of the pointers to get you started!

First, think of the plants, particularly fruits and vegetables, you can eat. Planting your own food is exciting and very rewarding, plus, it is sustainable. Examples of easy to grow plants are herbs like basil and fennel.

Next, make sure that you can allocate time for your garden. If you cannot do it daily, maintaining it on a weekly basis can help you produce quality harvests just the same. Also, gardening can help you reduce stress levels from a week’s hard work.

Third, know how to scale up your garden. As a beginner, a small space would be normal but that shouldn’t limit you into planting and growing more plants.

Next important thing to consider is soil fertility. The pH level of soil must be determined, as well as the amount of nutrients and organic matter present since plants do not require same factor levels.

Fifth, know what plants will thrive in your area. Doing you own research would help you decide on which species to grow. This could avoid losses – from the seeds, to the time, and effort invested to do such activity. Be sure to plant quality seeds for quality produce.

Also, invest in gardening tools. The bigger the garden, the more tools you need. Be sure to keep it clean and sharp for longer use.

Lastly, be sure to give your plants just the right amount of water and sunlight; plant varies and so is their planting requirement. As a beginner, watering would be a crucial task but you will learn as you move along.

So what are you waiting for? Those aren’t hard right? Start your own garden today!

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    1. This is what I like, planting! I want to learn more. Do you have free training?

      1. Hello!

        Kindly contact your local DA or ATI for more information.


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