Not only delicious but also nutrient: seaweed that tastes like bacon discovered

Love bacon but also love being healthy? Then this seaweed patented by Oregon State University researchers is for you!

Chris Langdon and his team started growing red marine algae, while trying to discover alternative food for edible sea snails. They cooked the seaweed and to their surprise, it tasted like bacon. Chuck Toombs, Langdon’s colleague, thought of the bacon-seaweed as a new industry for the state. Toombs started working with the university’s Food Innovation Center to develop more products that can be made from the algae.

Aside from its meaty taste, this seaweed variant has a high nutritional value, even higher than kale. Langdon also said that US companies are not yet growing red algae as food but it is already widely used in European countries. He also added that it is very easy to farm. Langdon and his team continues to study how to market red algae and are hoping to grow more of it in the future.

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