Three companies join hands to launch forum for local livestock market

VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, the organizer of ILDEX Exhibitions, held a knowledge-sharing forum and roadshow in Asia under the name ‘ILDEX Forum, Philippines’ on 27 June 2019 at Century Park Hotel, Manila, Philippines. 

Mr. Nigel Overend, Council member, British Pig Association and Director, Deerpark A.I. Centre., presented ‘Optimum profitability in pig breeding,’ where he stressed the importance of using frozen semen 

Mr.Patrick Ty, Managing Director, Big Dutchman (Philippines) spoke about ‘Encouraging pig farmers to engage in the sustainable management of waste,’ which included pen maintenance and the extra profit a farmer can make from pig manure.

This is VNU’s first time in the Philippines. The company has scheduled livestock forums in Indonesia this year and in Vietnam in 2020.

For more information, visit the VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific.

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    1. I always feel so sad to see female pigs in tiny factory farm pens. So inhumane. The picture here shows female in stall big enough for her to walk around in and lie comfortably and change position easily while piglets can run around her also lie comfortably on straw and play a little with each other or mother. I hope that this forum will choose this type of pig raising because surely a stressed mother carries stress hormones in blood as do piglets so that must affect people also. I stopped buying pork and bacon several Years ago when seeing the horrific conditions the pigs were kept in. The straw bedding can be recycled for manure for gardens. The young piglets should be allowed out into grassed areas to get sunshine and run and play on solid ground for good health. It should not be about the amount of fat but the good health of the pig. Pig Fat no healthier for humans than for the pigs.

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