Farm-to-Table social enterprise helps alleviate mango surplus

By Nikky Necessario

The Philippines has seen a surplus of mangoes recently. Several farmers all over the country have amassed tons of mangoes and some have resorted to throwing them on the roads due to lack of buyers. 

E-Magsasaka, a web-based agri-trading company whose aim is to shorten the link between farm and table, took this as an opportunity to help local farmers. The service is run via Facebook Page where clients can fill out an order form, pick a mode of payment, and have the produce delivered straight to their door. 

The company is in contact with a cooperative of farmers in Majayjay, Laguna, which connected them to the mango farmers in San Pablo City, Laguna. They were able to gather a total of 750kg of mangoes from Alaminos, and San Pablo City both in Laguna, which was sold to an undisclosed client this June 13th. “To be honest, the margins are very slim and we just did the transaction to alleviate the oversupply situation of the mango industry,” said Dimalanta, one of the founders of E-Magsasaka. 

Farmers were grateful for the initiative that E-Magsasaka took. The fruits of their labor would not go to waste and will actually reach its main purpose – to feed the mouths of the Filipino people.

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Nikky Necessario
Nikky Necessario was Agriculture Monthly magazine’s content producer. An Archer from the concrete jungles of Taft as she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Philippine Studies from the De La Salle University.The biggest irony of her as an Agriculture writer is that she does not eat vegetables (aside from Kimchi). A proud loving mom of four dogs and three cats.

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