Planting trees to be part of Filipino students’ curriculum audit checklist

A bill has been passed by the House of Representatives, the Philippine’s lower parliamentary house,, which states that every graduating high school and college student shall plant at least ten (10) trees before exiting their academic institutions.

Gary Alejano, the principal author of the bill, said that with the number of students in the Philippines, it is estimated that 175 million trees will be planted annually, which would total at around 525 billion of trees per generation if the bill will be passed as a law. The Department of Education (DepEd) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED) pledged to ensure the implementation of this bill to schools once passed.

Trees will be planted in mangrove and existing forests, a few protected areas, military ranges, abandoned mining areas, and selected urban areas. It will be guaranteed that the tree species are location and climate appropriate.The bill proponents hope that this might help to raise environmental awareness as well as inspire a movement to fight climate change.

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