Soil pollution is real and here’s why we shouldn’t ignore it

Everything we need-food, water, and air-is threatened if the soil we grow food in is polluted. It’s a continuing problem that can’t be disregarded.

People keep on treating soil pollution as if it doesn’t exist but it happens due to factors like erosion, salinization, and acidification. Pollution affects the soils’ capacity to filter contaminants that may be transferred to the food that we eat. It also degrades soil quality, which results in lower production yield and lower quality of food, which also concerns our food security for the future.

Also, antibiotics that pollute the soil may produce antimicrobial antibiotics that will put our health at risk. 700,000 estimated deaths are recorded because of these antimicrobial resistant bacteria that seep through the soil and can proliferate in the environment.

We are responsible to what it is happening to our planet and we have to do whatever it takes to protect it, starting from the ground up.

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