Ashitaba tea to be mass manufactured

Adela Ang is expanding production of Ashitaba tea in the wake of growing demand for the beverage. Her company, Bising Trading Post, has contracted Northfield Laboratories to mass manufacture Ashitaba tea in its facilities in Malolos City. Northfield, headed by Evangeline Orejola, is a reputable company that is also manufacturing different wellness products for other companies.

Adela who is passionate in popularizing the true Ashitaba, botanically known as Angelica keiski, is a cancer survivor who would like to help people who want to keep a healthy body by partaking of the Ashitaba products, primarily tea and the powder that could be used in making pan de sal, noodles, juice drink and others. The fresh leaves and stalks can also be used for cooking as vegetable.

Adela Ang introduced Ashitaba from Taiwan several years back, growing the same in commercial scale in Banguet and in Tagaytay where the weather is cool and conducive to the robust growth of the plant.

Adela Ang (seated, left) and Evangeline Orejola of Northfield Laboratories sign the contract for Northfield to mass-manufacture Ashitaba tea. Looking on are Pearl Banaag (left) and Ana Jacildo of Northfield.

Adela took time in researching the many health benefits that can be derived from Ashitaba and multiplying the plant so other people may grow them for their own benefit. She is currently intensifying production of the herb in Benguet and Tagaytay to make sure there is continuous supply of raw material for making Ashitaba tea.

This appeared without a byline in Agriculture Monthly’s July 2018 issue. 

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