Trees have their own ‘internet’ that allows them to share information

Did you know that all the trees around the world are connected by an ‘internet’ that allows them to ‘talk’ to each other?

They are connected by “mycorrhizal fungi networks which consists of a complex underground connection of roots, fungi, and bacteria that connect the forests and plants to each other.

Research showed also that the ‘wood wide web’ is important in preventing climate change though sadly, is also affected by it. Mycorrhizal fungi are divided into two groups-arbuscular fungi (AM) and ectomycorrhizal fungi (EM). EM fungi help keep carbon from the atmosphere while AM fungi promote fast carbon cycling. But today, EM fungi are decreasing and AM are outnumbering them, which adds to the acceleration of climate change.

Another reason for humans to move towards lessening their carbon footprint.

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