How to get your child invested in gardening

Interacting with nature sure is healthy, especially for children. Spending time in the garden means less time spent on smartphones and other gadgets, plus it serves as a parent-child bonding activity, too. Help your child grow their own garden by trying these tips below.

First, plant delicious fruits and vegetables. A lot of children dislike vegetables, that’s why planting delicious ones will introduce their taste buds to eating healthily.

In gardening, don’t be afraid to get dirty! Let your little one get their hands messy with soil and mud. Let them dig up holes, water plants, and pull up weeds. Allow them to make their own compost to keep their soil healthy.

Make gardening magical. Amuse kids by planting rapidly-growing and edible flowers. Let them see exotic looking plants or maybe have them plant something very tiny like mini munch cucumbers or something really big like titan sunflowers, if you have the space.

Another tip is to lure creatures into your garden. Planting native plants will attract insects and birds into your garden. Meanwhile, planting herbs will attract bees and bugs, which will make your garden look alive. You can also put in miniature furniture for their dolls and stuffed animals.

Lastly, have them taste what they planted. Build up the produce by pointing out what the kids are growing when you see them in the groceries or markets. Track down when the harvest is going to be and let them pick their fruits and veggies. Explore recipes and cook with them in the kitchen and of course, enjoy your harvest together!

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