Floating barge could buoy food production

The world demands more food as its population increases, and that means needing more land and water. The modular Jellyfish Barge could help solve these problems in food insufficiency.

Professor Stefano Mancuso, Director of the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology, and his team conceptualized a floating modular hydroponic greenhouse they call ‘Jellyfish Barge.’ Made from a wooden skeleton and glass greenhouse, the barge floats via the use of recyclable plastic drums. Embedded within are water monitoring systems that help in maximizing water usage.

The barge has produced an abundant amount of lettuce and radicchio from its 70 square meter-stacked hydroponic racks while only using solar energy. Aside from being an hydroponic farm, it also serves as a water filter which can clean at least 150 liters of polluted or salt water a day. This low-budget invention might be the solution to countries often experiencing drought.

The team is targeting the Arab Peninsula as a testing ground for the Jellyfish Barge because of its good combination of sea and sun. The Philippines, being an archipelagic and a tropical country, would probably benefit from this innovation.

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