Doctors may soon be prescribing vegetables instead of drugs to prevent disease

By Elina Mark on Wikimedia

Soon, eating healthier foods might be prescribed by doctors to avoid chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

A recent study found that healthy food prescription would improve people’s health, which would be more economical in the long run. In the US, Medicare and Medicaid are covering these models of healthy food prescription. These health insurance groups made use of the data provided by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys for the computer simulation for sample representatives.

There were two scenarios studied. The first was coverage of 30% of fruit and vegetables while the other is covering the same amount but for a wider range of diet: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, seafood, and plant-based oil purchases. Both models were funded by the insurance groups mentioned above.

The fruit and vegetable incentive deduced a large number of cardiovascular diseases, 1.93 million to be exact. A larger number of prevented cases was recorded for the broader diet incentive 3..28 million cases of the same disease were avoided. 120,000 diabetes cases were also prevented.

The healthy food prescription did not only reduced the number of diagnosed patients but it also had an effect on healthcare utilization. This initiative amassed a total of $140 billion savings.

The data encourages subsidizing and prescribing healthy food to avoid diseases and for a more cost-effective living. Spending money on healthy food would be better than paying for hospital bills and medication. As per the popular saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

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    1. This is most awaited development which I have been struggling to educate my family and friends. Even patients also do not understand initially, but on emphasizing the importance they started changing. Thanks for the lovely presentation.
      Dr Katar Srinivasa Rao
      Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh,

    2. That’s Work and no side effects. It’s a Win / Win.

    3. Very educative, informative and interesting write up.

    4. Definitely, fruits, berries and veggies, grown and preserved desirably without harmful chemical treatment or non-organic fertilizers, and consumed often and in variety, do clearly seem to offer huge medical potential to our organism.

    5. I was cured of cancer in 5 and 1/2 months from eating raw vegetables. The doctor said I would not live the cancer was so bad in a combination of being hiv-positive. I did chemotherapy and I hated it. That’s when I turned around vegetables. My doctor could not understand how I was cured. In reality it was vegetables and God

      1. What an inspiring story!

      2. Congratulations Tina. I love hearing this.

      3. So happy for you! Can I ask where you found your information? God Bless!

      4. Thank you for sharing.

      5. Inspiring!

    6. this is great, an eyeopener. Thanks.

    7. Grown without harmful chemicals…it’s a win win for all!!!

    8. Very informative.

    9. Way to go Tina!!!!

    10. my life was saved once by eating vegetables such as ampalaya and malunggay. vegetables are life-saving

    11. Great idea it is

    12. Rather than spending more money on taking supplements to be healthy, only even 1/4th of cost on buying plenty of vegetables and fruits to get optimal nutrients such as vitamins & minerals makes u more healthier and preventing you from many kinds of illness as well
      Benefits are; 1 getting essential nutrients with enough quantity
      2 No side effects, 3.cost effective, 4 Prevention from illness
      M Bala Sundaram

    13. I’m 48 will be 49 in Aug. I’m trying to learn to eat healthy and I’m exercising daily now, it took a friend who was 49 to pass away suddenly for me to decide to get myself healthier. I have been searching the web to find healthier ways of eating and preparing my food, I’m seeing that the vegan way is best but it’s so hard to get use to just eating veggies but I’m determined to push through. This is very helpful.

    14. Nice one

    15. That is great news I started juicing my vegetables I did this a few years ago I was 65 then I never felt as healthy . I have started
      juicing again I know it works

      1. Juicing does not provide the same benefits as eating the vegetables raw. Juicing strips the vegetable/fruit of it’s skin, in which much of the fiber is. As a result, it takes a different path into your body. Better to eat them without juicing.

    16. “Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

    17. Problem is drug co spend billions teaching docs otherwise, hope ag co sponsor better food science , the nutritional education missing in medical degree..Google scholar any disease and oxidative stress..plant antioxidants best antidote ..

    18. This comes at just the right time, now that they have poisoned all of our natural food supply.

    19. Big Pharma run the medical schools! I would love to see fruits and vegetables being prescribed but honestly it would put Drs out of business. Sickness (oh I’m sorry) Healthcare is BIG business!

    20. Let’s not make typos in these important articles. Thank you.

    21. Yes i felt the same way so may misspelled words, it bothers me and makes people question the accuracy and reliability of the information given. But honestly, this is just such common sense and I would have thought common knowledge, do we really need a study to prove it?? Well maybe if the insurance companies can see the “cost savings” then yes !
      As for the comment about eating raw vegetables, i personally ended up in the hospital with a small bowel obstruction from eating too large a plate of raw veggies with raw cahew ‘cheez’. So , raw vegan is definitly not a good fit for me . Plant based is best yes but moderation in everything is my motto.
      And i have recently been on the low carb wagon which has transformed my body and cleared my mind. Listen to your body…it will tell you what feels good and what makes you feel unhealthy!!

    22. Really? We Filipinos are so gullible. We believe everything we see on the internet. If you have a life threatening disease that can be cured with advanced and developed medicine, you’ll rather choose an under researched placebo theory of prescribing vegetables?? Will you be joining the antivaxxers too?

    23. good helth and happiness for all….

    24. the moment drug is reduced to conventional food, i think the health sector will be better

    25. Our body has the ability to heal itself given that we consume the right foods that works for us. There has been a study also that mind/brain is capable of realigning and correct the he healing system of our body if humans is able to unlock that capabilities. In the future, it’s going to be more of mind control healing system rather than supplementation 🙂

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