Parenting tips for your baby basil plants

Basil plants are the go-to plants for horticulture beginners. This low-cost and widely available herb can grow all year round, but can also wilt in just days. Here are some facts to know and tips to follow to avoid disappointment when growing basil.

A single store-bought basil plant contains more than 20 seedlings a pot. These healthy seeds will later on compete for nutrients from the soil, light, and water. Pull the plant out of the pot and gently part its roots.

Afterwards, trim the weak ones that might affect those that are healthy. Separating these clumps into different pots with healthy soil mixes will  help it grow better.

Place it in a spot where there is direct sunlight and generously water it.

Give them time to grow and they will give you 4x of what you have invested in!

One thing to take note of is that basil plants grow more fragrant and flavor-rich when exposed to a warmer environment. A garden in the Philippines would make a great home for basil.

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