DA launches FARM app to connect with stakeholders

The Department of Agriculture (DA), through its Information and Communications Technology Service (DA-ICTS), formally launched the Fisheries and Agriculture Response Management (FARM) Citizens Application last March 13 at the ICTS Operations Center in Quezon City.

Available on smartphones, the FARM app provides a friendly user interface that allows farmers, fisherfolks, and other agri stakeholders to send their concerns and reports directly to the DA, along with its attached agencies and regional offices through chat, email, and short messaging system (SMS) services available 24/7.

It also sends out warnings of incoming typhoons or weather disturbances as well as rain forecasts and navigation advisories for fishermen. Users can also call using the hotline button in the FARM Citizens app for a faster response during extreme emergencies.

DA’s new app provides user data security because it requires a registration before users can enjoy its functions.

The new app also has the ability to pinpoint the exact, real-time location of the user through GPS, which enables faster and more accurate responses to their concerns.

Additionally, DA Secretary Manny Piñol will also be able to monitor the FARM system as well as the whereabouts of the department’s top officials through a special mobile phone equipped with location sharing capabilities for tracking and monitoring purposes.

Technical teams from the DA-ICTS will begin a nationwide information campaign to teach farmer-leaders, fisherfolk associations, and other agriculture stakeholders how to use the app.

To download the app for free, type “FARM Citizens App” in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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