Business planning essential to successful farming

As basic as it may sound, farming can actually be complicated and challenging. There are a lot of factors to be considered such as the weather, market fluctuations, the farmer’s own family, and even the mode of production. It is, after all, still a business.

Here are some actual factors to consider in beginning your own farm.

First, you have to manage the cost of starting up. The first priority would be the land, which would take much of the capital. In farming, you would also need equipment, infrastructure, and of course, planting and/or livestock needs. Investing in quality equipment would help you maximize your capital for you would use it for a long term.

The second factor to be considered would be workers. Hiring skilled workers would cost more, but would definitely be worth the budget. Expertise is key in farming, that’s why employing the right person for the job is important. Also, based on studies, aside from the monetary benefits, farmers seek satisfaction in their jobs.

Third thing to be taken into account: diversity. Competition is everywhere, so it is important for the farmer to continue developing new marketing strategies. The market changes constantly, so one must not be left behind. That is why a farmer should never stop research and development.

Lastly, one needs a great sense of planning. Going bankrupt is never an option. Everything must be foreseen by the farmer. He must have designed his plan of business ahead of time. Of course there would be available loans but a solid budget plan and an open-mind would make farming work best.

Farming is not just about planting and harvesting. It takes grit and wit (aside from Mother Nature’s cooperation) to become successful, just like in business.

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    2. Truth! Competence should be the very first thing when planning to have a business.

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