The cauliflower, the jack-of-all-trades of the vegetable kingdom

Who would actually think that there are a gazillion ways to make cauliflowers more delectable? With its perfect combination of being hard on the outside yet very soft inside, the cauliflower buzz within the health food community is still going strong.

Cauliflower rice is popular with people cutting down on carbs. This rice imposter feels fluffier and contains almost no calories at all. Another use of cauliflower is turning it to pastry. The process might be very tedious but it sure does make a good pie crust. Pizza bases are also being done by machines in some food industry. Puffs, crackers, and fritters can also make use of the brassica plant.

Aside from being a carbohydrate substitute, cauliflowers make good meat alternative. Steaks made from this vegetable is becoming a thing. Recently, a company caused a commotion by releasing cauliflower steak, which was apparently just a slice of the vegetable, doubling its price. Eventually, it was taken out of the market. Buffalo wings made of cauliflower are making the vegans go ga-ga, as well as the korean-popcorn caulis. But when it comes to the crowd favorite, roasted cauliflower still take the throne.

With the popularity of cauliflower in the vegan and vegetarian market, it might be a vegetable worth looking into as a business.

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