Millennials becoming farmers of tomorrow

As being healthy is getting ‘hip’ today, many millennials are becoming conscious of what they eat. A number of them have decided to till the land and build their own ‘all-organic’ shops. This has helped in the rise of millennial farmers today.

Farming is considered an old-fashioned career but millennials in America are now pursuing this path, taking up agriculture and animal sciences as their college degrees. Their interest in quality food and business is what piques their interest in revolutionizing farming.

This generation is known for their mastery of technology, and that helps farming modernize. There are several innovations in farming. Being in agriculture now seems to be like living in a science fiction universe because of the invention of agricultural robots, as well as automated tractors and drones which makes planting, irrigation, and other tasks easier.

Whatever their reasons are, may it be wanting farming to be their choice of livelihood, helping in achieving a more sustainable environment, or simply having their own source of food, millennials are the unprecedented protagonists in the quest to help preserve the farming way of life.

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